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One Day at a Time

Your Step-by-Step Recovery Journal for Overcoming Life's Challenges

One Day at a Time

Life throws us all challenges. Sometimes coping with these challenges takes us down roads of addictions via easy fixes that relieve our discomfort in the moment but actually make life harder. But there is hope for today as we choose a new path - a path of recovery. Freedom is possible.

The One Day at a Time journal will help you work your recovery program step-by-step as you walk into a new way of living. In this recovery journal, you'll have the tools you need to work your recovery program with your Sponsor:
The 12 steps
Serenity Prayer
90 in 90 tally list
Meeting notes pages to record your aha moments
The Steps journal pages to use to process each step of your journey
Daily Inventory journal pages to keep working Step 10 daily
Contacts List - to record your Sponsors and Accountability Partners
A place to note the meetings you attend and your service opportunities
Mood meter to track how each day you are feeling as you walk your road to recovery
255 pages, 6x9", with color matte cover

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